Apps for Workflowy

Enhancing your Workflowy™ experience or fully transforming it.


Mark any item with the special date syntax (year, month, day, all together).

Receive emails in the morning of the set date.


Simple, but useful websites from your workflowy items

Complex nested structures translate seamlessly to a structure of hierarchical webpages. don't require you to handle us access to all your Workflowy, just a part of it. And it can be just read access!

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It only takes a username, a password and a shared Workflowy project URL.

Step 1: Get a shared URL for some Workflowy project

Step 2: Register it

(If you already have an account you can just reuse your name and password)

Step 3: Enable apps!

Inside the dashboard you'll be able to choose from one of the apps.

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